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Is a Used SUV Right for You?

Used vehicles seem to have this very unfair reputation and connotation in our society. We think of "used", and our minds immediately go to battered, worn out things. And yes, when you buy a used car from a disreputable seller who hasn't taken proper care in preparing a vehicle, you will wind up with a lemon indeed.

However, when reputable dealers talk about used cars, they mean quality pre-owned vehicles. These go through a very heavy routine of inspections, repairs, tune ups and much more to get them into proper, reliable shape. Buying a used vehicle from a reputable source is simply saving some money by shopping smartly.

The bigger question is, is an SUV right for you? SUVs are a fantastic design, and they can make the lives of most people near Richmond quite a bit easier and more comfortable. If all you need is a basic vehicle for you to drive, alone, on a daily basis, these aren't likely to be the right choice.

SUVs can actually get upwards of 30MPG on the highway, but that's still less than a small vehicle intended for a sole driver/passenger. However, more of the population are large families, carpoolers, road trippers or the like. Most people around Chester and Glen Allen have some reason to need to be able to haul cargo and/or people on a semi-frequent basis.

SUVs are excellent for this. Need to take the kids to day care? Set all the seats up and let them watch cartoons on optional media systems. Need to haul a ton of groceries or other stuff? Fold those back seats down and enjoy a climate-controlled truck bed's worth of cargo space.

It's really no small wonder why the roads around Mechanicsville are flush with SUVs from several manufacturers. We truly believe there's a perfect SUV for just about everyone's needs, and when considering preowned vehicles, that makes it even easier to find and to afford.

Chances are, yes, a used SUV is right for you. At Hyman Bros Nissan, we're happy to help you find the perfect used SUV for your needs in Midlothian.