QR-Code Stickers Being Used by Nissan to Help Car Buyers

Nissan continues to impress prospective car buyers around the world as it has achieved another industry first. On August, 5th the Japanese automaker revealed that it would be the first original equipment manufacturer to add QR-code stickers to all 2012 models in their lineup. This shows that Nissan is ahead of the game as QR-codes will be required by all vehicles sold in the U.S. in two years.

Similar to the codes you've likely seen in magazine ads and business cards, perhaps unknowingly, the QR-codes Nissan is placing on their autos allow consumers to scan the code and review any information the organization wishes to convey. Among the details available via the Nissan QR-code stickers are: general information (i.e., grade walk, specs, available accessories), video overviews, product snapshots, dealer inventory levels, optional/helpful mailing lists, and dealer location support.

By adding QR-code stickers across their new lineup (starting with the 2012 Altima), Nissan is fostering a more interactive car-buying experience. Soon, shoppers will be able to scan the code from a Nissan model into their smartphone and immediately they'll be provided with a suite of details aimed at making the decision that much easier. Essentially, Nissan is giving consumers their very own car experts to answer all of their questions as they peruse the lot.

Details and Services available Through Nissan QR-Code Stickers

-    General info., such as grade walk, standard and optional features and accessories
-    Video overviews
-    Product images
-    Inventory levels
-    Mailing list opportunities
-    Dealer location support

"Nissan's new QR-code program puts important decision-making information at shopper's fingertips while on dealership lots [i.e., Pence Nissan located at 11841 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113]...,"says Jon Brancheau, Vice President Marketing, Nissan North America. "It's a true mass market effort across all products and all Nissan dealerships nationwide - part of our pledge to bring innovation to every aspect of the vehicle design, buying and ownership experience."1

So, if you're perusing the Pence Nissan lot, wondering what that 2-D matrix barcode is, you now know, it's a QR-code - there for your benefit. And remember, if you want to do a little pre-buy research, you can always shop our fast-growing new 2012 Nissan inventory, online.

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